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Ricardo Montenegro

In such a competitive world, “enough” is not enough anymore.

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“Julia lives far from work and feels she is wasting time on multiple public transportations. She really wants to get faster to her work on her own, without depending on anybody. We want to build her a new fancy car and we were thinking to ship her a set of 4 tires as our MVP.” Yeah, right.

The concept of Minimum Viable Product is one of the first ones we get to know when introduced to the Agile and Lean worlds. The majority of Startups use this concept to provide…

Don’t worry, you will make it.

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Depending on where we work, chaos may be present in our daily routine. If you are not fortunate enough to run a small inn in front of the beach (I’m working for that, by the way), I’m pretty sure your day tends to be stressful: meetings all day long, regular context switching, interruptions, fire drills, tight schedules, etc. Just a normal corporate day. And that was just before the pandemic.

After COVID-19, the chaos is even bigger. We are working more, having more meetings, and tending to fill the open slots in our day…

That was a polite title for “Hmmm…it is maybe your fault.”

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Brace yourselves, this will be a tough conversation! After almost 20 years working with IT I went through several different Frameworks and Processes for project execution or software development: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, SAFe, “Go Horse”, Product Model, Kanban, you name it. I also went through many transitions from one to another and identified a pattern on it, leading to a loop of behaviors:

  1. When working through a given Process/Framework A, I see many people complaining about it, but doing nothing to change it or even make it better.
  2. An…

It could be called “Start doing Product Discovery!” as well.

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If your company or organization is not yet very familiar with the Product mindset and all the techniques and best practices it enables you, I bet you are used to working based on a Project mindset. You know, the classical approach where you receive a budget to do something, and you need to deliver that something after some amount of time, which is usually constraint by the original budget. So the project starts, you have risks along the way, the scope keeps changing (and so is the timeline), and after…

Ditto Lokajit Tikayatray! It was indeed a great demonstration of Empathy. :) Glad to have you here!

It probably won’t bring a high ROI to the business, but it will bring a high sense of joy.

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There are a few metaphors to describe empathy. Some say Empathy is “when one wears other shoes”, others say Empathy is “to look the world with the other’s lens/glasses”. Empathy is when we truly listen to someone and fully understand what the other is saying. And by “listen” it means not only the words but also emotions, feelings, concerns, and struggles.

As a Product Manager, we are used to using different types of techniques in the prioritization process: we have MoSCoW…

It may be complex, hard, and take time, but it pays off.

In my previous post, I brought my opinion about why we should foster synergy within our product teams. Here I’m going to talk about behaviors that will help you, as a leader, foster synergy. And by “leader”, I don’t mean only a People Manager, but anyone in the product team playing the lead role: the Product Manager, a Technical Lead, a Scrum Master, etc.

However, if you are expecting a framework or a set of rules you can just “do” or “apply”, here is not the right place…

It may be about soccer as well, who knows?

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Imagine being a soccer coach capable to hire the top 11 soccer players in the world and bring them together in the same “dream team”. Just imagine you could have the best goalkeeper, the best defenders, midfielders, forwards, etc. In theory, you’d win every championship, wouldn’t you? Now pretend they hate each other and they can’t stand being together in the same room. Too much? A simpler example, then: imagine that they don’t collaborate with each other in the matches or are trying to solve it all by themselves. Or let’s…

And no, it’s not another prioritization technique (it’s not about selfishness also).

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I always liked to read things about productivity, time management and prioritization techniques. I used to be a real procrastinator and had to police myself when I realized I wasn’t accomplishing much within my days, so I started to research about these topics. Of course, I am not going to write here about the several different prioritization techniques because they are all from one search away.

The main thing I’d like to focus is that prioritization is not only about defining importance versus urgency, but to find the…

Ricardo Montenegro

Just a Product Manager enjoying talks about Product Management and Productivity | Geek | Working in Tech Industry | LinkedIn: ricardoaam

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